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What is WiO?

WiO is the only mobile app that lets users to easily Search, Discover or Tag TV, Radio, Internet, Magazine, Movie Theater and even In-Store ads to receive the latest deals and savings from national and local brands and retailers.

With WiO users can immediately interact with TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Radio, Billboards and In-Store ads by looking for the WiO logo with a special “Keyword” or by using WiO’s Audio Content Recognition to tag offers. And, only WiO also allows you to discover deals through its National, Local, Game & App and Web Search channels.

WiO’s patent pending technology uses three search modes combined in one app to ensure an accurate search, discovery and tagging experience – Voice Search, Text Search and Audio Content Recognition.

Deals, Savings and Convenience

WiO users can get valuable savings, offers, promotions or information from their favorite brands and retailers, quickly and conveniently, anytime and anywhere by simply making WiO their go-to app.

WiO is the only mobile app that combines the latest technology and resources that lets you choose how you want to search for the latest deals and offers.

Go to any of WiO's channels on the bottom menu to see what deals are already on WiO. And, if what you are looking for is not there you can search the web directly from WiO's Web search channel.

Or, just look for a WiO logo and 'keyword' on an ad, then use any of the interactive search and tagging capabilities on the WiO home screen to receive for an offer.

Advertisers & Media Companies

Engage your customers. And reach them at the exact time when they want to engage with you. Nationally. Locally. Anytime. Anywhere.

WiO is the only cross-media search, discovery and ACR based 2nd Screen solution in the industry that can easily activate and convert your TV, Radio, Print, Online, Outdoor and In-Store ad campaigns into interactive engagements with your best customers and prospects.

This is 2nd Screen advertising at its best. In fact, WiO is the most powerful, productive and accountable second screen platform in the industry with no back-end technology integration required.

Why not add WiO to your media mix? It’s the most cost-efficient, accountable and real-time mobile activation and engagement solution that can leverage and enhance all of your cross-media campaigns to increase responses and revenue.

If you are a media company or a national or local brand, a retailer, direct marketing company, or a mobile game or app developer, contact us regarding the comprehensive cost-efficient 2nd Screen advertising engagement opportunities in the industry today.

Ask us about:

Voice & Text Search (Cost per Click or Cost per Call) offerings, our Cross-Media Engagement solutions including our Audio Content Recognition and category or brand exclusive Keyword offerings, premiere Slider Ad Campaigns (CPC), integrated TV and Radio content and advertising campaigns and events and Game & APP (CPI). Also, ask about our strategic partnership, "white-label" and integrated technology solutions.

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